Fluids v.3 is a large-scale, open source fluid simulator for the CPU and GPU using the smooth particle hydrodynamics method. Fluids is capable of efficiently simulating up to 8 million particles on the GPU (on 1500 MB of ram).

This demo video shows 4 million particles simulated at 1/2 fps. At this rate, 3000 frames are simulated in just 1.5 hours. Published in December 2012, this is the fastest, freely available GPU simulator (for now anyway). See the Performance page for details.

Fluids v.3 (2012) is based on Fluids v.2 (2009), while extending it in several ways.

– Supports up to 8,000,000 particles (Fluids v.2 limited to 65536)
– Very fast GPU solution, with peak efficiency of 6,000,000 simulated particles per second.
– All calculations on the GPU (unlike Fluids v.2, which did CPU-only integration steps)
– Minimal use of PCI bus transfer
– Novel search algorithm
– Generic search allows 2x2x2, 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 neighborhood search for optimal performance
– Better memory management, with structure-of-arrays layout.
– Simplified code compared to Fluids v.2
– Simulation times reported interactively, and separated for each computation step.
– Capture video to disk (press tilde ` key)

Fluids v.3, like its predecessor version two, is intended for the scientific community to have access to a very efficient, large scale fluid simulator for diverse applications. As such, it is released as free, open source software, usable in commercial or non-commercial software. See license details here.

Please read the FAQ for details on licensing, current limitations, and future goals.

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Thanks!, Rama Karl Hoetzlein

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